Timescape Biography

Timescape was the brainchild of Kent B. Eskildsen who released the very first album “One Small Step and a Giant Leap” in 1996 and later the same year joined forces with Tony Andersen from Herning and Kent Eskildsen from Lønstrup joined forces through a common interest in electronic music, and especially the music of Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and even a lot of progressive rock music such as Saga, Marillion, Pink Floyd, etc.

Tony and Kent actually first met at a Jean Michel Jarre concert in Berlin in 1993, but it was only years later, when a mutual friend suggested that they started making music together, that the collaboration was put to work.

Before they met, they both had a long career in music.

Kent was the lead guitarist of the rock band, “Atlantis”, playing progressive symphonic rock. Among other things they played at the “Roskilde” and the “Midtfyns” music festivals and won a lot of recognition. After Atlantis stopped playing live in 1993, Kent had been working on solo projects of electronic and instrumental music using the project name Timescape. Kent Eskildsen plays Keyboards, piano, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, flute and does some vocals as well and is also the owner of The Klangshøj Recording Studio

Tony has since 1985 worked with electronic music exclusively and most of his work was done in his own studio, the Nanovison Studio. He primarily worked with the textures of sequences. In 1995, Tony played live at the electronic music festival in Copenhagen called “Ghost in the Machine” and shortly after this he began working with Kent – settling on Kent´s project name for their Band and Timescape was born.

When Tony and Kent started playing together is was basically without computers, but a lot of synths and sound gear was put to use and recording was to analogue tape.

Lots of demos where made with the aim of making a CD together, but they were soon contacted by the record company Cleoprata/Hypnotic Records, who asked for contributions of cover versions of classic synth tracks. Over the next few years Timescape recorded their versions of tracks by Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Yanni, Klaus Schultze, Mike Oldfield and Enigma. The music was released under different aliases – like Kenton Files, Token Angel – puns on Kent and Tony….

Tony and Kent met the young Danish film maker, Peter Lovdal, and were asked to produce the entire sound track for his claymation movie called “Star Trash”. The film was made by a handful of animators in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Star Wars and the 30th anniversary of Star Trek. “Star Trash” had its premier in March 1998 and as you might have guessed, it had quite a funny approach to the two classics.

In the late nineties a few tracks was also finished for other compilations like the Gold-tri project. Through this project Tony and Kent got in touch with Jens Peschke – another keyboard player from Germany. Through a mutual interest in the classic Electronic music – better known as Berlin School, they formed the band Navigator. 

Navigator was very productive and has so far released 3 CDs and contributed tracks to a few compilations. They played a few concerts in Denmark and one at E-live in Holland, which had a fair share of improvisation, lasers, video projections, dancers and other visual effects.

After the turn of the century Tony and Kent finally got around to release the first Timescape CDR in 2005 – Daughters of Jupiter – an dark spacey ambient affair. After a few encounters with more or less dodgy record companies they decided to release the music themselves and started the record company Timescape Production DK

Tony and Kent wanted to explore a more song based musical structure and teamed up with singer Tina S Johansen. Work began on some vocal tracks and in 2007 the CD – Travelling Light – was released with 14 downtempo electronica tracks.

Later that year Timescape played at the opening of the annual art exhibition in Pakhuset, Sindal and at a Halloween Show in conjunction with the classical Ensemble Midtvest in Herning.

In 2008 Timescape released TNT – a collection of upbeat tracks recorded the previous years and a few remarkable concerts: In march Timescape was invited to perform with dancers from the World Famous Schaufuss Ballet. Some of the ballet company’s leading dancers made a nice choreography to classic Timescape tracks. Two artists were also present on the stage, painting some improvised artwork, inspired by the live music and dancing.

In summer of 2008, the band also performed outdoor at the City square of Herning.

In 2009 the CD Global Gathering were released.  Also this year the world famous Jean Michel Jarre performed LIVE in Messecenter Herning on the 9th of may. The day before Timescape did a “warm up” concert at the venue “Fermaten”, also in Herning. The band made the “Jarrelogic –a tribute to Jarre” show, with additional laser, light & graphics and even a Laserharp was constructed for the event.

Later Timescape met Jean Michel Jarre, who said he was very honored that the band had put up a show in his favour.

In 2010 the concert was released on CD as Jarrelogic Live, as well as a Timescape Live CD, catching the atmosphere of the concert

As pre concert music Timescape has always used ambient soundscapes, and some of these got released on CD as “Passage of Time”.

Also in 2010 Viborg was going to celebrate the foundation of city 950 years ago. In 1060 the building of the Cathedral began and has been the center of several dramatic event in the city ever since. Timescape was asked to composed the music for a show that involved the the church, town square, performers, a big 200 people choir, video, lights and even fire. It became a 30 minute piece that illustrated the passing of history; Soundscapes of Viking battles, Gregorian Munks, Wars, the city on fire, the kingdoms rise and falls leading up to modern times with the industrial revolution and today’s technologies and symphonic music that illustrated different historic times.

The show was a huge success and several thousand people watched the show even though it was performed late at night and well after midnight on the 28th of may.  It was broadcast on Danish TV and a DVD of the event was produced afterwards.

A few concerts were planned for 2021 as well, but then everything has been postponed to the future…

25 years of TImescaping – yes, in 2021 it is actually 25 years since the first Timescape release “One Small Step and a giant Leap” by Kent Eskildsen.

Tony and Kent first met at a Jean Michel Jarre concert in Berlin and soon after in 1996 started working together. Their broad interest in electronic music has lead to many highlights through the past 25 years – concerts in various unusual places, multimedia shows, performing music by and meeting with Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, performing with the Schaufuss Ballet and much more.  Together with Jens Peschke from Germany they released 3 Berlin School inspired albums as Navigator.

Tony and Kent has released lots of music on more than a dozen Timescape albums as well as various compilations. To celebrate the music of the first 25 years of Timescape the series of compilations will be released with Instrumental, Vocal and Ambient Highlights.

Stay tuned!

Timescape – in time with the beat…