Music for various movies and DVDs

Electronic music lends itself really well to pictures and Timescape has done a few soundtracks, DVDs and multimedia shows.

We are still open to suggestions and interesting offers 🙂

Viborg 950 Years
(2010 Viborg Kommune)
DVD and TV soundtrack
Viborg 950 Soundtrack
(2011 – Timescape Production) TP DVD004)
For Promotion only!
Jarrelogic Live
(2010 – Timescape Production TP DVD003)
Timescape Live
(2010 – Timescape Production TP DVD002)
Recorded at Fermaten, Herning
Timescape – Video Works
(2008 – Timescape Production TP DVD001)
A collection of various music videos until 2008
Det er sjovt at være træmand
(2000 – Magic Lens Production) Commercial
(Complete soundtrack by the Timescape alias Kenton Files)
Star Trash
(1998 – Soundtrack – Plim Pictures)
Complete soundtrack and sound effects by Kenton Files
Live – Timescape
(1998 – 4 Live tracks)
Promotion – Not for Sale
Concert recordings