Timescape Tracks on various releases

Timescape has been featured on several compilations – with original tracks as well as paying tribute to many of their influences. Under different aliases Tony and Kent has recorded and released cover versions on various compilations with music composed by the pioneers of electronic music – Here are some of them;

In celebration of the Sequences podcast #200 Timescape composed and contributed the track “The Endless journey”. You can listen to the podcast from your favourite streaming service. – get the link here: Sequences Podcasts

Schwingungen #190
(2011 – Cue Records)
“Asian Pearl”
“Arpegiator” (JMJ)
Schwingungen #189
(2011 – Cue Records)
“Shuttle Mission”
Schwingungen #188
(2011 – Cue Records)
“Where No Man Has Gone”
Schwingungen #187
(2010 – Cue Records)
“Dream Catcher”
“Loenstrup” (Navigator)
A Tony Andersern Solo Track
Schwingungen #186
(2010 – Cue Records)
“The Lab”
A Tony Andersen Solo Track
Keyboard Wizards
(2007 – Purple Pyramid)
“Oxygene part 4”
“Chariots of Fire”
Tubular Vibes
(2001 – Hypnotic Records CLP 0986-2)
“Moonlight Shadow (Unplugged Version)
Dreams from Acropolis
A tribute to Yanni
(2000 – Purple Pyramid CLP-0861-2)
“After the Storm (Intro)”
“The Rain must Fall”
“Chasing Shadows”
“Running Time”
“The Rain must Fall” (Remix)
Chariots of Synths
A Tribute to Vangelis
(1999 – Purple Pyramid – release late 1999)
“Dervish D”
“Chariots of Fire”
“Pacific Blues”
A Tribute to Klaus Schulze
(1998 – Manikin Records – Série Poéme 9802)
”The Weight of Klaus” (Original by Timescape)
Goldtri: Volume Two
(1998 – Stonker – Stonk CD 03/04)
”Mind Travel”
Jarre Logic
(1998 – Purple Pyramid CLP 0324-2)
”Jarrelogic Intro” (Original by Timescape)
”Oxygen 4”
”Equinox 5”
”Equinoxe 7”
”Third Rendevouz”
”Magnetic Fields 1”
”Orient Express”
”Magnetic Fields 2”
Goldtri: Volume One
(1998 – Stonker – Stonk CD 01/02)
”Purple Rocks”
Tangerine Ambience II
(1997 – Hypnotic Records CLP 0048-2)
”White Eagle”