Travelling Light

29 July 2007
Timescape Production TP002
Producer: Kent B. Eskildsen


Travelling Light was recorded at Nanovision Studio and Klangshøj Studio by Tony Andersen and Kent Eskildsen.

Tony Andersen; Keyboards, Vocoders & Percussion

Kent B. Eskildsen; Keyboard, Vocoder & Guitars

Tina S Johansen; Vocals

Michael Friis; Congas on Native

Stine M. Knudsen; Vocal on Dragonfly

Mastered at Nanovision studio in may 2007 by Tony Andersen.

Artwork by Alice Sørensen

Special thanks

We would like to thank all the people who have helped us making this CD possible and those who have supported us over the years; Alice Sørensen, Ib Søgaard, Bjørn Jeppesen, Don Voorhies, Jesper Larsen, Anne-Sofie, Pernille & Kristine Kornum, Rune Eskildsen, Marianne Rugholt, Jackie DZ, Stine M. Knudsen, Michael Friis, Tina S. Johansen, Peter Lovdal, Flemming K. Pedersen, Mike H, Sarah Pedersen, Torben Sørensen.