Klangshøj studio

Pictures from the Klangshøj Studio

Klangshøj Studio is the main working place for Timescape and other of Kent Eskildsen´s musical endeavours – Like the progressive rock band “Fall of Episteme”

The Studio is situated with rural surroundings near the picturesque village Lønstup, by the Danish west coast.  It is very close to an old artificial ridge of unknown origin called “Klangshøj”

It has been used for recording of many local rock bands and other musical act over the years, but is now mainly used by Kent and is designed accordingly.

All sorts of equipment has been in and out of the studio. The very first recordings was on Reel to Reel , later DAT and now on computers as everywhere else.

Logic is the preferred application for recording nowadays and the studio is currently running version 10. Still a lot of hardware instruments are in good use – I list will be updated in the future.